Ruth and Yushan.


Last night, we had 2 people over for dinner. Even though they both live in Southern California and they are both our friends, they did not know each other. You see that Ruth has purple curls in her hair and Yushan is wearing the standard engineer’s uniform of a polo shirt in a single color.

Jeremy had neglected to tell me that one friend would be spending the night and therefore I neglected to clean out the bathroom of the guest room, which is where I take my daily bath and the ring around the tub was really gross.

One thought on “Ruth and Yushan.”

  1. Looking at the photo, is there ANY
    question as to why Yushan and I
    dont’ know each other…hoho.
    (Actually we had met at the
    wedding and I HAD heard about him
    in his role as Jeremy’s advisor…).
    When did you take that photo?
    It was a great evening, fabulous
    roast-I mean FABULOUS!

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