Working hard and juggling.

Our wonderful nanny, who is now qualified to be a nurse, got a wonderful job this week. So now the juggling starts – there are 4 weeks until our au pair comes. Our nanny is still willing to help us out when she can, my job is getting more flexible albeit far away and Jeremy can work from home in an emergency, so with the three of us (and help from our far flung parents who are coming in to pinch hit) we are going to make it the 4 weeks. I started today by putting in a 12 hour day today – I left before the kids woke up and then I came home after they were in bed. I worked 12 hours today because I had to stay at home yesterday to hang with Vince who is sick and tomorrow I need to stay home with both Vince (who is still sick) and Edda (who may or may not have a case of oral thrush). And I will have to go in on Saturday if I don’t want to exhaust all my sick leave and vacation time.

I wanted to post a picture of my tissue box. I got a compliment on it today!


2 thoughts on “Working hard and juggling.”

  1. I still remembered that I worked from 4:00AM to 12:00PM noon and Mom worked from 12:00PM noon to 8:00PM for almost for a whole month when you had pneumonia.

    One day during that time, I was trapped in our office elevator for almost 2 and half hours from 4:00AM to 6:30AM since no one answered the elevator alarm. Lucky me, no emergency developed in the building at that time.

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