(I tried to email folks going to the conference, but I don’t have your email address! It’s not that big, we’ll find each other..)

Tomorrow our au pair arrives, so I want to step back and declare victory over the past 4 weeks, we made it through a month without paid childcare. Thank you, gong gong, pua pua, kiki, emy and gene who traveled far and wide to help out. And a special high-5 to gene who got Edda to go #2 in the potty. Woo hoo, lucky guy! Also, heartfelt thanks to the public schools who kept the kids occupied for most of the day and to all the bacterial and viral infections that passed over our house during this month.

I count myself a bargain hunter, I look for quality goods on deep discount. This means that although things in the house are of good quality and nice to use, nothing in the house matches. (As I have been looking at real estate for the past few months, I understand that my non-matching habits do not lead to houses that sell well.) Anyways, after a day and a half of deliberation about what sort of sheets to get for her room, I went and paid full price (shudder) for a “bed in a bag” at Target (granted it wasn’t even that expensive, but man, full price) – everything is so matchy-matchy. I looked into her room longingly last night, so neat, sparse and empty. I have to say I kind of want to move into that room.


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