I heart Chicago.


The IRSF conference in Chicago was great! This year was my 2nd conference and a lot of the information was very similar from last year, but it gives you that extra kick in the behind that reinvigorates my optimism and purpose in dealing with the cards that have been dealt Edda. It was great to finally meet in person the folks I’ve been getting to know for years online, the internet is a wonderful thing, but hugging a friend in the flesh is even better.

7 thoughts on “I heart Chicago.”

  1. Great picture! I just downloaded all of mine to check out later. It was wonderful to see you again!!

    ps – did you get your knitting back?

  2. It was SO great to meet you! You are right, a hug is person just makes you feel like you finally get to meet someone (other than online) I again want to that you. You were one of the first moms that I saw online, Edde was one of the first angels I became aware of. You are so great…online AND in person 🙂

  3. Doris, it was great meeting you this weekend. I loved the conference even though we found out we were doing some communication things wrong…oops! But now we know, and I am excited to try new things. Chicago is great but we got lost driving around trying to find our way home. Hope to see you at the next conference.

    Suzy (Kelly’s mom and Brooklyn’s Grammy)

  4. Too all you folks who just met Doris..She’s the greatest don’t you think!! Ya’ll are so lucky to have gotten to spend time with her this weekend. I’mm jealous.

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