Weekend Update…

Well, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve updated… Honestly, my life is more on facebook these days, but here’s the round up…

1) Wedding weekend. This is the start of my wedding season. 3 in 5 weeks. A two day affair for this one. Saturday was the ceremony/banquet and Sunday was an informal BBQ. Too bad it was a dreary weekend weather wise. But it was really awesome to see a lot of people I haven’t kept in touch with from college. It was pretty much a mini reunion. Fenney was in town, and of course, it was time to gang up on Joy once again. Laff. Good times.

Other randomness from the wedding:

– It’s funny when a wedding registry only has radiology textbook on it. 🙂
– pet peeve: I hate it when the officiant doesn’t ask you to sit down after the bride comes down the isle. We’re all just standing during the ceremony and nobody can see anything. Heck. I’m 6’0″ tall, and I couldn’t see anything from the 7th row. Look up officiants!
– At the banquet they had a camera and a printer setup, with costumes and props. So everyone got up during the wedding to take a funny photo and pasted it in a scrapbook, and signed. Nice touch. 🙂
– Love it when a gay man complements me on my clothing choice. Awesome.

2) Saw Indiana Jones. Spoiler ———————————————–> eh.

3) Swam in the bay on Monday. It was good. Aquatic Park. relatively warm water. My wetsuit. Crap I need to wash it now…

4) Had a semi-date Monday night – went dancing. Kinda unsure how it went… She can definitely move, that’s for sure. hahahah. Well I guess it’s good enough for a second date this weekend. 🙂 So. We’ll see what happens.

That’s it! Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow!

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