2nd tooth.

Jeremy is out of town again at a work retreat. Yvonne and I were laughing this morning about what a good gig Jeremy has, go to some beautiful place and have some beers and talk about saving the world. He just called from CA, he’s still sick and it’s 4 people to a room and he forgot to pack his pajamas.

Edda lost her 2nd tooth today. Yvonne thinks she lost it somewhere in the living room. We are never going to find it, I bet a dog ate it.


Vince helping out with a little feeding.


And also some carrot cutting.


3 thoughts on “2nd tooth.”

  1. What a great big brother Vince is! And isn’t that just the biggest smile! Glad stuff seems to be going well for you guys! Does Edda get any services over the summer?

  2. Could not wait to see you all. Hope Jeremy is getting better. I can see Edda’s new teeth from this photo. Vince is a big brother.

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