Bussing around.

Now there are 3 drivers in the house, Yvonne, Jeremy and me. We have only 2 cars, so Jeremy started taking the bus to work today. The plan is for me to drive to the Metro in the morning, then Jeremy takes the bus to the Metro and heads to work and then we coordinate and go home together. Yvonne then has the car during the day to drive the kids to their various appointments and activities and also so she can do some stuff during the day while the kids are at school.

Trying to help Yvonne find her way around has been a bit crazy and unpredictable, it makes me want to buy a GPS!

One thought on “Bussing around.”

  1. I am so tired of driving girl! We are in the process of researching better gas milage now that construction is over and we no longer need the big a** truck. There is only one hybrid in all of Austin available right now. Isn’t that sad! Suggestion folks for a different car?

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