Pool party and IEP follow up.

We were 30 minutes late for Edda’s IEP meeting on Friday because a train broke down on the Metro and we had to single track it for a while, which means that you have to let one train run the whole length one direction and then the other train gets to go in the opposite direction – quite a waiting ordeal.

I think that this IEP meeting is kind of funny. We love Edda’s teacher, Ms. Sarah, and she knows Edda as well as we do and I feel like I can call Ms. Sarah up and say, hey! can we try this out? and she’ll think about it for a while and then we’ll work on it. So at the IEP meeting is – Ms. Sarah, Ms. Tanya (the principal of the school, who we also have a nice relationship with) and then 2 people from the county who talk about Edda but don’t really know her. And these other folks who don’t see Edda on a daily basis, they like to talk a lot. (Hands? What’s the deal with her hands?) Yes, so it was non-confrontational and just fine. We changed a few things about her IEP to tie less of her early literacy skills and early math skills to actually physically having to do something with her hands to more eye gaze and tapping.

I spent the afternoon at the local community pool for one of Vincent’s friend’s birthday party. (I got to hold a 6 month old baby! Sigh, such babyness.) This is the first hot/humid day of the season, it was packed and Vince had a great time. This photo does not begin to tell you how crowded it was, I felt like I had one square foot of pool to myself.


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