Albert Einstein – patent examiner!

I left work early to head to Jeremy’s office down on K street. His office is filled with people who manage to get things done in Washington DC and I met with one of them today for advice.


I think I have an appointment on Thursday to meet with Van Hollen’s folks about the Rett Syndrome earmark and I wanted to know what I should say in my 5-8 minute meeting. I got some advice on the lingo – apparently the word I should use for appropriations is “approps” and I should ask something about the “CR” which now I’ve forgotten what that means already, maybe congressional report? continuation reform? celery root?

Anyways, the good news is that my adviser looked at the earmark request application and said that it was very impressive that IRSF got such strong support from both Hoyer and Kennedy and that it shouldn’t be a problem getting the earmark.

Did you take a close look at Jeremy’s desk?

Who is that at the edge of his table?

Why, it’s an Albert Einstein action figure! Although Einstein is known for his contributions to physics, he was also a patent examiner!


Jeremy got him for helping out on cogito, I’m taking him to work as my wingman.

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