Vince is sick.

Vince has been busy this summer, he’s now attending a science camp run by the county at a nearby elementary school. I’m not sure how much science they are learning, but at least he is getting a deep dark tan by going to the pool twice a week.

Yesterday, his camp had a field trip to the local bowling alley (what science was that about? I guess it must be physics) and Vince whined and whined that he did not want to go bowling. He hates doing things in which there is a distinct possibility and an quantifiable way that he is going to lose and he, like the rest of the human race, hates to lose.

Grumbling the whole way (I’m sure), he was pleased to discover that the bowling alley basically converts to a disco-night-club-type thing and no bowling was required. This is how he explained it, “They turned off the real lights and then turned on the funny lights, then everyone screamed like crazy, then the music played and we all danced around.” It all sounds very scientific to me.

Anyways, after all this crazy screaming dancing bowling trip, he came home and promptly got a fever of 40C. (Somehow after our trip to Singapore, I’ve converted over to Celsius body temperature. 36 – good. 37 – a little high but nothing to worry about. 38 – for sure a fever. 39 – for sure a high fever. 40 – for sure into a cool bath, cold compresses, call the doctor if it doesn’t go down with Motrin fever – I can’t believe I just referred to our 2 years in Singapore as a trip, sheez).

Anyways he stayed home from camp today and will again tomorrow, Jeremy stayed home today and I’ll be home half day tomorrow. Hopefully he’ll perk up before one of us goes down, because there is nothing worse than taking care of a sick kid than perhaps taking care of 2 sick kids while you are sick yourself!

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  1. To be a loser isn’t that bad at all. Just tell Vincie that his grandfather was a loser at least 1/4 of his life 🙂 Grandmom is an entirely different story though 🙂

  2. Hope Vince is getting better soon. Gradmom did not want to be loser either. But, life is a given and taken. There is no differnce between winner and loser in life.

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