Email in the palm of your hand.

Jeremy’s dad now is able to check email on his PDA. I am so behind the times.


Edda’s totally miffed, why do they make the buttons so small on those things?


3 thoughts on “Email in the palm of your hand.”

  1. I am even more behind the times. I went to lunch with some gals last week and one of them asked what I thought of an earlier email. When I told her I hadn’t checked my email yet she freaked out! “It’s 1:00 how can have NOT checked your email yet”.

    So amazing how much Edda looks like Dora. Carpe Diem. We took Joshua to Disneyland in California once when he had a 102 fever. We were already on the plane and traveling in LA isn’t easy (brother and sister in-law were meeting us) so we went anyway. Josh had a great time and then when we got to the house where we staying he slept for hours. But he did and loved it!

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