Found out today that one of my ex-girlfriends is getting married next year. I’m actually pretty happy for her, and tho we dated for only a brief period, I look back pretty fondly on the relationship. However I do find it pretty funny in a couple ways:

1) I find it funny that I have go seek out information about my ex-girlfriends. Not a single one of my friends ever offers me information about them. Dating a guy, breaking up with a guy, getting engaged. That’s all pretty juicy gossip. Not a whisper.

2) For this particular ex, we only dated for like 2-3 months. But it was a funny time in both our lives, as she had broken up with her first bf, and I was trying to get over an ex of mine as well. A little bit after we broke up, she ended up going out with him again, and today, I find out they are getting married. Just think it’s a bit funny how I managed to get slotted in the middle of all that somewhere.

We talk once in a very blue moon… but always sorta curious about how she viewed our relationship. I’ll probably never end up knowing. 🙂

In other random news, there’s another possibility that another one of my ex’s is married and preggers! Tho, my sources could be totally making that up… I’ll have to get confirmation sometime in the near future.

4 thoughts on “Gossip.”

  1. Maybe it’s generational or maybe it’s gender but I don’t want to know anything about my exes and if Scott had had a bunch of exes hanging around I would have dumped him so fast. I have a freind who has an ex hanging around and he wonders why other girls are’nt attracted to him. Duh!

  2. Donald, In this period of time, you may stay cool and take some classes from the university and keep your mind occupied. In the meantime, you may find a girl friend from those classes. Lots of my classmates’ daughters’ like to meet you though.

    Love, Mom

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