Helmet Love

Lately, I’ve been going out on some dates. While I’m not going to talk about them on the blog, I think it’s quite interesting to take note of how I react to people and dating.

I guess I’ve been single for a long time, and I’m under the impression that I do want to be with someone. But I think it’s funny to note my pattern – basically I flirt with everyone, and don’t pursue it past that. (I do have a very loose definition of what flirting is.) For the most part, it’s fun, and mostly harmless. We talk, we laugh, connect and generally have a good time. But a couple things I think emerge from my pattern:

– I don’t want to be hurt
– I don’t want to hurt someone else
– Being responsible for someone else’s feelings/well being weighs heavily on me

I think it comes from some sort of insecurity about the future, or the uncertainty surrounding my life. But perhaps on the flipside, being committed to someone, some place, something, would ground me… but do I want to drag someone into that process?

2 thoughts on “Helmet Love”

  1. I know what I have passed on to you 🙂

    Of course, among them, there are some good traits. But, the worst one, besides bad temperament, is “how to communicate?”, especially “how to compliment someone with sincerity when they deserve it” It took me a long, long time to overcome that and it helps and works wonder. But, I still don’t think I am good at it though.

    I think, to develop this type of intimate relationship is not hurting or being hurted so long as there is, again, sincerity involved.

    There is no problem that someone loves you but you don’t love them or vice versa. But, do it with understanding and respect. This relationship is absolutely on a two way street.

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