I have been grouchy – this is why I haven’t been posting (or taking pictures for that matter). I try and keep this blog perky and upbeat, it is my daily lesson in optimism, but I have been not optimistic. Not even a sugar cookie could cheer me up today. (Have you tried the one from Potbelly’s? Yum.)

This past weekend, my parents, Jeremy’s parents and a few siblings came to the house for a low-key housewarming party.

It was so low key, my dad took a nap in the middle of it all!


A little chatting:


Some card playing:


4 thoughts on “Moody.”

  1. I’ve also been grouchy and non-posty lately…nice to know I am not alone. End of summer blues? Or, really, can’t wait for the end of summer! 😉

    Your new home looks wonderful, congratulations and warm wishes!

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