Edda is still slowly pulling out of her summer cold. Vince’s version lasted for 3 days, so this is day 3 for Edda and it’s plotting the same course. Jeremy mentioned that it’s good she’s getting better since she has her 24 hour EEG tomorrow morning. I’m looking at her now, she’s watching Little Einsteins, tottering around in her diaper and pantsless and smiling. It’s a good thing.

Jeremy took the day off to help coordinate the movers who came today to shelp all of our stuff from the basement of my parents’ house to the new house about 15 minutes away. Jeremy loves the physicallity of moving – he loves to pack and unpack and decide where all the furniture goes. I don’t really care that much and this move in particular, I got a little but of joshing about my non-professional packing job that I did with the office/desk/papers that were in the study – so I ended up packing only the things that belonged to me (which I consider to be pretty much just my own clothes). Jeremy and I have a long running joke in our marriage that I don’t actually own any of our stuff, it’s all just his. I refuse to “own” anything because I’m in love with the idea that my life can fit in my car which is some throwback to a my fantasy about living in NYC in a studio apartment by myself with a futon and a crate for a chair.

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