Here’s my book reviews:

Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance by Atul Gawande

In medicine, mistakes costs lives. Gawande gives a stark examination on how doctors and the health care system can better serve their patients. He brings to bear a vast arsenal of resources: history, statistics, publications, technology, his own experience as a surgeon, and his own time in the field examining the processes, systems, and techniques of doctors and clinics around the world. All the while, he never loses sight of the fact that medicine has a very human element – every single mistake has a human cost. So it’s ironic, when Gawande realizes that solution lies not in new technology or research, but in reducing the human frailty of health care workers. Simply that health care can do better, thru diligence, understanding their patients better, creating performance metrics, improving those metrics, and examining what the very best in the field are doing differently. Not to say his answers are easy or clear cut, but they are well within our capability. If nothing else, health care professionals could just wash their hands more. 🙂

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max

Tucker Max is indeed an asshole. He makes no qualms about it. He revels in it. He shares it with you in this book, and you find yourself inexplicably laughing out loud ever 3-4 paragraphs. Unlike The Game, don’t expect some soul searching metamorphosis in the end. Tucker only shows you his drunk, raving side. But it’s the other side, the side of him that he hints at throughout the book, the side that has him “matured” at 31 vs 24, that you end up being most curious about. Sadly, There’s no incentive for Tucker to reveal his alter ego, so take the book for what it really is – your drunk, sex crazed friend, telling you some shit-ass f’in’ hilarious stories.

Life of Pi by Yann Martel

A wonderful tale of vivid detail and incredulity. It’s like eating a steak in The Matrix. You know it’s probably all fake, but the richness of texture, the nuance of flavor, makes you wish it was oh so real.

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  1. Donald, I didn’t know you are in books. That is wonderful. Mom has read a lot, not me. Sometimes, my genes are just not there. Must be from Mom then 🙂

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