Birthday remorse.

Jeremy and I have birthdays one week apart, he goes first and then me. Jeremy and I had an agreement that since we bought the house just a few weeks ago and now every weekend we are basically taking our wallets out and shaking them upside-down at the nearby Home Depot, that we were not going to get each other any gifts. So Jeremy’s birthday on Sunday passed quietly, no huge gifts, no big TA DA! And then on Monday, my coworkers looked at me with disbelief, “You mean you didn’t even take him out to dinner? Did you get him anything?” Well, no I did not. So then I went back in my photo archives to check up on something else and I discovered/remembered that the day before, I was with him when he went to DSW and bought himself some work shoes because his old pair had holes in them and was letting in rain water by the puddleful. Can I retroactively count these as a birthday gift?


4 thoughts on “Birthday remorse.”

  1. Well, the celebration is coming. Mom and Dad are going to celebrate both of your birthdays this Saturday at our place. Mom is doing the cooking and remember to bring Ruby with you. 🙂 I guess Mom will cook the tradition Chinese long-life noodles for both of you together with some delicious meats for Ruby 🙂 Vincent and Edda are going to have their favorites also. Too bad, Donald should be here too.

    This celebration is supposed to be a surprise for both of you. But, it was turned up-side-down by Jeremy to search the missing vacuum cleaner 🙂 in our house last Saturday. Well, at least, we had a wonderful dinner together.

  2. Hey you guys are our inspiration! For our birthdays last year we agreed to only spend our age and the same for our anniversary. I think those shoes are great gifts.

    Happy Day to both of you. Wish I was going to be there for the celebration and your mom’s cooking.

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