Car Ok

Well, the check engine light on my car, Milli, is on once again. This is the second time in practically a month. The first time was some VTEC thing – basically because I’m lazy changing my oil. This time it was an O2 sensor heater. Not a big deal… It just has to get replaced. I was a bit nervous because I’ve been driving to work lately, because my commute bike is being sent back to the manufacturer because the frame was cracked. I was wondering what I would do if my car was going to go into the shop. Glad she’s OK.

And yes. I did take the picture while driving – only talking on a cell phone using your hands is illegal in California. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Car Ok”

  1. If one is getting worry about the reliability of one's car, it is time to get a brand new one. New one, at least, would last several years without worrying.

    Too bad, this Saturday we definitely are one short. How nice it would be, if you could be here. We (Mom & Dad) miss you a lot, take care and have a big smile 🙂

  2. Bro – we need to buy a minivan soon with some sort of adaptive seat for Edda. If you want, we’ll hold our Accord for you. You are the only person who wants a stick shift accord. It’ll be a good deal!

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