I’ve gained weight.

I’ve gotten into the habit of buying my lunch and various vending machine snacks at work. And as a result, I’ve gained a little bit of weight and also I’ve been spending money a bit too freely – I find that small little purchases like daily pretzel sticks inexplicably lead to bigger ones at Target. I’m trying to wrench myself back into bring the good old PB&J to save some $ and ditch the weight.

The velvet cake? My coworkers seemed to enjoy it – it was more than 80% gone by 10:30 am and I helped myself to only the tiniest sliver.


2 thoughts on “I’ve gained weight.”

  1. I have read some articles about self-made millionaires – by today’s standard, they have total assets of 3.7 millions excluding their primary residence. In these articles, they all accumulate their wealth through hard work everyday and save a little bit here and there, for example, using coupons and not buying lunch every day 🙂 Small amount of everyday things can add up to a big number.

    Of course, wealth isn’t everything. But, better to have it and then use it wisely or helping other who is really in need, by providing them with a fish rod even a primitive one will reel in a lot of self-satisfaction.

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