Skin Tags (Acrochordons)

Several weeks ago, I went to see my dermatologist to get an abnormal growth in my left armpit removed. He removed it and sent to the lab for biopsy. It was benign and the procedure was covered by my insurance companies.

Two weeks later, I found more growth with similar characteristics, not only in my two armpits but also on both sides of my neck. I went back to see my doctor today. He told me that the 1st time it was covered by my insurance but not this time because it was positively identified as skin tags (acrochordons) and no insurance company would cover its removal (i.e., classified as cosmetic surgery). I have to pay myself for armpit and neck both and it will cost me $400.00 each. And it will take two trips to his office to do it.

The doctor suggested to do nothing or do the armpits first – where it has three big ones. The fourth big one (biggest) was very irritating and I pulled it out myself with my bare hand the other day and it only bled a little bit. By doing nothing I have to pay my office visit out of my own pocket anyway which may cost ~$100.00 (?) already. The big ones in my armpits I can deal them later. I can pull or cut them out myself. Why not? This time, I am prepared and have more experience of doing it. Therefore, I told my doctor to do my neck first because there were a lot of them and with no big ones that I can pull or cut out myself. Mom was laughing at me after hearing my reasoning.

After the doctor removed about 20+ of them on my neck, he told me he had time to removed the ones in my armpit also. Guess what, I prepare to remove those three big ones myself while saving $400.00. My intention is to do myself on skin tags later on if it is possible. I think just to have a knife or scissor ready with some home sanitation procedure and close my eyes …

Stay tune 🙂

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  1. You can use a string to tie it off. it will cut off the blood supply and it will fall off by itself after a couple of days. no bleeding involved. i’m don’s friend, btw.

  2. Karen, okay. Currently, I have two left and I will try to remove the larger one first using your method. I think within 10 days, it will grow to the size that I can operate on 🙂

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