The end of the fiscal year.

I’m sorry I have been quiet. It’s been busy in many ways, both good and bad. I have been diligently trying to shake a gloomy mood I’ve been in for the past month. From my past experience, I fall into a real depression about once every 5 years, and it’s not been 5 years since the last one, so I’m a little more stubborn about not letting this bad mood go out of control. It takes some effort, going out and seeing people and laughing is usually the best remedy, but it is hard work – getting out of the house.

Today is the end of the fiscal year at work – and I think perhaps for the whole federal government. I just passed my one year mark at work and I’m still loving it and learning more everyday (both legally and scientifically). It’s a fun time! I love learning about flame retardants! I mostly work with polymer compositions with flame retardants. Bisphenol-A? Phosphate flame retardants? Everything you have ever heard of to cause cancer that comes mixed in plastic? Yeah, I read those patents.


I, like everyone else in America, am crazy with the election/banking meltdown/financial crisis and the SNL sketches. Jeremy comes home everyday with new tales of what they are doing on the Hill. I’m on assignment from IRSF to talk with Congressmen about the funding earmark, but I haven’t made any phone calls and I don’t think I will for a little while because they are all crazy busy with shoring up the global economy which I must admit just might take priority to funding basic genetic research at this particular moment in time.

AND SOMEONE TODAY STOLE MY BIKE FROM THE METRO STOP! No not the BMX bike, I bought a cheap bike from a neighbor and I didn’t much care for it at first because it was a little too big and it had 10,000 shock absorbers, but now that it has been removed from my life, I’ve decided it was my favorite bike ever. Now I’m stuck taking the bus to work. Sigh.

4 thoughts on “The end of the fiscal year.”

  1. In this modern era, ths is pretty common. Don't be too serious about everything. Just try your best.

    Exercise and doing home-&-yard work will help. For example, fix a schedule to swim regularly, biking in a park with family, etc. Or just talk to friends. But, don't keep it inside you all by yourself.

  2. Write on blog is a good way to cure the depression. When I was laid off in 1995 from Bechtel, I ran into a very bad mood of depression. One of my doctor in LA told me to write down anything every day. It helped. Your determination to shape it out is also help. Do not let the market influnce your mood. Everyone lost some of his/hers in this Yo-Yo market. At lease we have something to lose. Someone lost all of thier 401K. Cheer-up. Do few deep breathes and stretchs every hour.

    Even porky pigs have some problems. Do not think it is serious. In fact, most responsible people will have those feelings. We are responsible persons which is very good.

  3. Laff. I like how the stolen bike made headline news – that it was on par with the economy melting down. 🙂

    Well if the BMX bike had been stolen, I wouldn’t have cared that much. You’re not going to ride it anymore?

  4. Okay stop watching the news and reading the paper is my advice. I have and I am blissfully unaware and much happier now. It’s not like I can do anything about it anyway. I am so sorry about your bike. My first bike was stolen the day after Christmas from my dads garage after I’d only left it for like 5 minutes. It was such a bummer.

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