Thinking about the past.

Has it been seven years already? I remember we were living in Austin, I was pregnant with Vince. I was working (as a computer programmer) on the 18th floor (the very top) of the UT Austin clock tower. I remember thinking that a Cessna had accidentally flown into the World Trade Center. As soon as we (the folks on the 18 floor) realized that it was a jetliner that had flown into the buildings, we all made a pretty quick decision to leave work early and get down off of the tallest tower in town. We all returned to work the next day – with security checks in place and I think by the end of the following week, there were metal detectors installed at the base of the tower.

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UT Tower, originally uploaded by VictoRevolution.

2 thoughts on “Thinking about the past.”

  1. That day, I was in Beijing, China. After working and wondering back to my Holiday hotel apartment and watching CNN. I saw one building was on fire and an airplane was flying toward the second one. My though was what movie it was. Then, soon I heard the announcer and I realized it was a movie at all.

    I picked up phone and called Mom at Sheets Farm road, USA.

    What a evening!

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