Debunking the beds.

A few weeks ago, I decided that the bunk bed in the kids’ room was a bad idea because the top bunk was really close to a ceiling fan. We decided that the bunk beds needed to be debunked.

I did not realize that it was going to turn into a king sized crib surrounded by a moat of loose Legos.


Edda is still regularly getting up once or twice at night, and getting to her is incredibly difficult. Because you are not only stepping on a million Legos, but also, you have to hurdle over the side rails in the dark.


Who’s idea was this anyways? Ah yes, I guess it would have been mine, but I thought that we would have 2 separate beds and not 2 beds shoved together where the parents take turns sleeping on the crack that runs down the center of the two.

Edda’s sleeping is driving us to distraction, we are trying Clonidine to get her to sleep better. I have to say the first night I gave it to her, a fantasy of us – the parents, being able to sleep through the night had me salivating and so giddy, but of course, she didn’t sleep through the night. The 2nd night, (last night), she also didn’t sleep through the night, but at least she slept until 5:45 am, which is much, much better than the usual 4:30 am. Jeremy was ready to give up, but I’m hoping the 3rd night is the charm.

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