Work is relentless these days. Every two weeks, I’m responsible for a certain number of “counts” – usually every 2 weeks, I have to do 8 counts. Generally, I get a count for starting a case (which is hard) and a count for finishing a case (which is pretty easy). The time frame between starting a case and finishing a case is about 12-18 months and there can be a lot of back and forth in between beginning and finish a case, which I get no credit for.

Anyways, I’m in this tough situation where I have to get all my counts from starting cases (hard) and I have no easy counts from finishing cases because I’ve only been examining cases for about 10 months now. And there is a lot of correspondence between me and the lawyers about cases that I’ve started, but haven’t finished. The folders in the photo indicate a recent 2 week period where I worked on 19 separate patent applications.

I’m a little frazzled.

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