Denver, CO. Again ?

Our per diem income of not-taxable status is coming to the end in early November. Therefore, we may be sent to Denver, CO to help out on other projects for a month+ or two. This way, we can get to our per diem not-taxable status back for another year in Princeton.

It may or may not happen. But it doesn’t matter, we like Denver a lot as well as here in Princeton. But just too bad, when it happens, it will happen during the Winter time. I am pretty sure that we can’t carry our old bones downhill on the slope. Or, otherwise, it would be perfect. But, Donald & Doris can. Welcome!

I am going to dig up my previous credit card payments in order to locate that steak house we enjoyed a lot while in CO ~ three years ago. It is in a small, tiny-tiny town. But its steak is the best. Better than those steaks in the upscale restaurants we have visited. But, I need to check the weather first. Snowy roads, up-and-down, in CO is very slippery for my two-wheel-drive car, especially for the rear ones.

Btw, Mom has a perfect heart according to a much more sophisticated test last Wednesday. I are pretty happy about that.

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