Jeremy walks me home.


Since my bike was stolen, I’ve been taking the bus back and forth to the metro. Sometimes on my way home from the bus stop, the timing works out that Jeremy meets me and gets off his bike so we can have a few minutes of chatting before we head home for dinner.

One thought on “Jeremy walks me home.”

  1. Jeremy, thank you very much for the offer.

    I am thinking using Company's rental car instead of using mine. See what will happen.

    I am not too thrill about riding a bike in the winter time. It is dark and dangerous. It is not worth to save a little bit on money or to save some car pollution for the environment.

    Anyway, there is a Goodwill Store just a few miles away from your place along route 355 in Walnut Creek (?) shopping mall just north of Shady Grove Road. Rena & I bought some really inexpensive stuffs there. I guess they have a lot of cheap bikes there.

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