Thank you Kiki and Kappa!

Finally, we ordered Kiki and Kappa’s housewarming gift for us – a special needs trailer for our bicycles (one of which is stolen so we can’t use the trailer with that one)/stroller . It’s called a Wike and we are very happy with it, it seems well built and the customer service seems very sweet. After we ordered it on the internet, they actually called us and talked about Edda to see if it would be good fit for her. We’ve been looking for something to replace our jogging stroller, which we used a lot to go into the woods, Edda is way too big for that now… We used it for the first time today to go apple picking (as a stroller) and to church for Saturday night potluck.


Look – it can also be a Doris stroller!


3 thoughts on “Thank you Kiki and Kappa!”

  1. That is such a cool carrier for your bikes! Edda will be able to use it for a long time! She looks like she is having a ball!

    Brooklyn’s Grammy

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