Skin Tags (II)

Karen, it works and thanks.

Rena is good at knots. I guess from her Dad who was a sailor. She was also very interested in operating on her only patient (me). She was tightened up the knot on one of the skin tags every night for the past several nights. It shrank a lot. Last night, she cut it with scissors. Before cutting, she, with a big weird smile on her face, assured me that it won’t hurt. Right, I was her only patient. And of course, it was on my skin not hers.

She claimed that she had saved me $400/3=$133.33 also and, a few seconds later, started tackling the rest …

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  1. Hi!

    I havent’ checked this website since my last posting, but I’m happy to see that you tried the string technique, and that it worked!! The last time I did it on my husband, i think the tag just fell off by itself. No scissors involved, but it might have taken a couple of weeks. Anyhow, glad to have helped, and hopefully it was a less painful way of removal. Cheers!

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