Fridays are my favorite days.

Fridays are my favorite days! I love the idea that the weekend is coming more than I actually like the weekends – mainly because I still like the routine of the weekdays plus the added anticipation of not going to work the next day.

Somehow this Friday evening is off to a rocky start. Jeremy and I got into an argument as soon as we met to bike home together after the subway ride home, which is the main reason that this Friday is off to a rocky start, but I’ve just discovered that many of Vince’s new winter pants are totally worn through the butt and the knees and it’s only November and also that his first adult tooth is coming in behind a baby tooth that is refusing to fall out and pointing kind of backwards toward the base of his brain.

All I can think about is the cost of new pants and also the cost of straightening out that first insanely crooked tooth! Oh, of course, the house is also a mess – as usual.

I don’t know why I’m in a funk, this is actually a great, great week!

One thought on “Fridays are my favorite days.”

  1. I know I love Fridays especially this time of year. But I also understand about fretting over the costs of stuff. Josh has one pair of long pants right now and they used to be Scott’s and he has one pair of shoes that he can wear to school. I hate to invest too much because it is just so goofy when he is growing like a weed. And, we are trying really hard not to spend much money. On a positive note, I did go to a garage sale yesterday and got some great books for him for Xmas.

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