While I was at the ballet gala, Jeremy and the kids went for a bike ride to the town center for some hamburgers.


I wanted to highlight the transformation of Donald’s high school bike. Note the yellow milk crate attached to the back of the bike with flashing lights bungee corded to the outside of the milk crate. He is saving his pennies to buy fenders for his beloved commuting bicycle. Jeremy has actually gone grocery shopping with his crazy bicycle. We are still commuting back and forth to the Metro on our bikes, it’s my one source of exercise, my 10 minute bike ride.

8 thoughts on “Wike!”

  1. This is so great. I wish I could get to my bike. It is hanging on the wall behind left over construction melee/stuff/lawnmower. Maybe I’ll clean out the garage this weekend. Scott don’t look!

  2. Ha. you guy are riding more than I am these days. My commute bike is sadly still in pieces… 🙁 and it’s getting dark and cold these days.

    I like the ghetto rack. It’s pretty fitting actually. I’m kinda happy the bike has a second life.

    The kids look kinda cramped… 🙁

  3. Dad, it’s not that easy.

    I have a whole system I’ve worked out, I pay a yearly fee to flickr to host all my photos, it is where I keep my backup of all my photos. I like hosting my photos on flikr. I have over 16,000 photos over 6 years on flikr.

    If you want to see the photos, you should be able to find a free wi-fi area around your house, like the library or something like that..

    Or you can get internet access again at home.

    Good luck!

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