Parent teacher conference.

We had Vince’s parent teacher conference today. He’s doing well in the 4 areas – reading, writing, math, social studies (where’s science?). Hold on, I have to find the report card and see if they are teaching our children science in school anymore. Oh yes, it’s 5 areas, it includes science. Whew.

He’s struggling a little with writing – the goal is that by the end of 1st grade, the kids should be able to write an 8 sentence story. Can you believe it? I don’t know how they are going to squeeze 8 sentences out of him.

Are my blog posts even 8 sentences long? I think not (OK. this one might be a little longer, but my grammar is not very good.)


3 thoughts on “Parent teacher conference.”

  1. He’s the smartest little boy around. Josh was the same way about writing and I got him some pencil grips which helped. He still fought me at times but eventually he settled down and did it but it took like a year before he realized it was what all the other kids had to do as well.

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