Taking Snow Leopards as Cute kittens

In western China, sometime ago, this man and his brother found two cute small kittens (see picture, one male and one female) in a very remote roughed mountainous area. After raising them for a while and one morning, he found one of his small bucks (or does) was gone and, apparently, was eaten and devoured in their common pen. First, he thought some wild carnivals did it. Then these two kittens keep growing and growing. Now, they weight about 30 lbs each. Not only that, every day they can consume 8 to 11 lbs of meat. He started to wonder that they were not really cats after all.

But what are they? There are snow leopard, the number one or two protected endangered species in China, even rarer than Panda. With this news, instantly, they became celebrities with whom everyone would like to associate. They are having visitors with cameras all the time. They are posted on numerous websites. I am sure they are having more headache than before.
Stay tune …

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