OK, it’s been… a week since I’ve talked about poop? I just have to bring it up again! So we went out and bought the above items for Edda. (I should have added pureed prunes to this list, but I forgot to buy it). I wanted to say that she has a huge bowl of oatmeal with raisins for breakfast and usually has a piece of fruit with every meal, so I’m a little bit flummoxed by this constipation.

So ever since that last painful poop, we’ve replaced all her liquids with the plum juice on the very left of the photo. They call it “plum smart”, on their website, they claim it’s “clinically proven to regulate your digestion”. After 3 or 4 days of this, it hasn’t worked well. Tonight, Edda struggled on the potty again. I have to say the bright side of this is that the pooping training is going well. If you only gotta poop every three days and it’s like giving birth, it’s pretty easy to make it to the potty on time. I guess we are moving onto the fiber supplements.

4 thoughts on “Constipation!”

  1. Doris,
    We’ve had great luck with magnesium at our house as a help with constipation. Vitamin C also loosens things up so they pass easily. Poor Edda…it’s no fun being constipated! I hope you can get things moving comfortably soon. We had such bad luck with Miralax (TOOOOOOO effective!) and I’m really not comfortable with artificials whenever natural alternatives can work.

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