I’m excited that Apple iTunes is getting rid of DRM. I think being able to copy music from one computer to another without it being complicated in addition to my recent obsession with Beyonce, I just might have to re-enter the music listening world. (Also, it’s good to hear that Steve Jobs is not dying.)

I haven’t been listening consistently to music for about a decade now, I had not heard of Maroon 5 until a friend at work mentioned she was going to the concert and I asked if it was at a local club and she gave me this strange look – um, they are playing at the Verizon Center (capacity = 20,000 Maroon 5 crazy fans). Oops.

2 thoughts on “Pancakes!”

  1. I love that
    pancakes follows ‘constipation
    as I read this in the early
    I went to the dentist yesterday;
    it is not fun but I thought of u and Edda and could not dare complain.
    my dentist and i discussed recipes
    and restaurants (before….). She
    is from Iran, 50 and went back to
    USC dentistry school for her degree
    at age 40, after being an enginner for years…so there!

  2. Listen to Vampire Weekend. Bet Vince will love their music and maybe Edda too. Watch the video on SNL of Beyonce doing her song “Single Girls or Single Ladies” (you’ll know better than me) with Justin Timberlake. So funny!

    Re:Edda what about fiber one yogurt.

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