Edda’s mouthing.

Edda’s mouthing is very intense. She mouths all the time. ALL THE TIME. It doesn’t drive her crazy as much as it drives me crazy!

The first year that Edda mouthed, we used arm splints, but for the past few years we have given up on using them because:

1. Edda does the famous kung-fu moves to whip that arm brace off.

2. It restricts her arm movement too much. After we used it for a year, we noticed that Edda’s right arm was losing muscle mass compared to that of her non-splinted left arm.

So we’ve let her mouth for YEARS now, so wet, so chapped, so gross! We’ve tried mittens and socks – all hard for me to put on and easy for Edda to take off. Finally, this week (I don’t know why I didn’t think about this before), I put Edda’s hand in a small, soft fleece drawstring bag. Easy to put on and easy to cinch down – cuts down on the slobber and Edda’s face looks better – there is still some chapping because there is still a little mouthing of the other hand and a little chewing on the fleece bag, but it’s much, much better than before.

2 thoughts on “Edda’s mouthing.”

  1. Caitlyn does that congfu chop thing too! Also, we have to have them on just right, or she will use her teeth to pull of the velcro…

    There is a girl that has been at our local conferences that wears knit gloves. Her mom says she doesn’t like the fuzzy’s in her mouth, so she wont chew on her hands with them on! Just a thought..That would never work for Caitlyn, though because she likes fabric in her mouth!

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