Took the day off work.

1. Saw Vince and Edda off to school.


2. Both Jeremy and I went to an informational meeting set up by the staff at Edda’s school about kindergarden placement for kids with special needs. Spent a lot of time talking about the mysterious “codes”. I think that to get services throught the public school system, one needs to get a “code” assigned to your child – so you might be mad if you wanted a “code” and didn’t get one, but everyone in Edda’s school is clearly getting a “code” so I’m not sure why there was so much time spent on it.


3. We ate lunch at a place that serves:


4. Went to the dentist. No cavities, but I could improve my flossing.

One thought on “Took the day off work.”

  1. I was off yesterday at our one bed room apartment without internet and TV but with cough and fever. Daddy went work. He bought me classical chicken sandwich for lunch.

    It is better to go to office so I can read the blog.

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