A Funny Game with Edda

The other day, I was amazed to be able to play a funny game with Edda. Together, we played it for about 20 minutes. After that, I was really tired and, I thought, so did Edda.

This was how we played. In an relatively open space in her house in front of her TV. I called her name “Edda” continuously. She sensed someone was making a noise (or calling her?). So, she turned, sometime with her body, sometime with her head, sometime moving forward and sometime tracking backward. She kept turning and wobbling around for a while until we faced each other and made eye contact. Then, I made a lot of noise with funny gestures, of course, with my hands and feet. She laughed and giggled and so did I. Then, we started it all over again … It was repeatable and predicable routines for us.

I just didn’t know how much she knew exactly or approximately. But, the most important thing at least for me, was that Edda and I had fun together.

In addition, I was equally proud that she pooped in her toilet that day. I saw she struggled on her toiler set and really proud of her too. Right, Edda? 🙂

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