Kubler-Ross model.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been going through (again) the Kubler-Ross model, aka the 5 stages of grief about Edda’s disability. I felt like since I did it once already – cycling from denial, through anger, bargaining, depression and then acceptance over the span of 2 or 3 years, I thought I would never need to go through it all again at least not with the same intensity. But, (woo hoo!), I’m cycling through it all again. Going through depression in late January and early February and now I’m firmly entrenched in the anger phase. Grrr. Let me say it again. Grrrr. I just walk around wanting to kick people in the shins. Grrrr. (PS, I’m never in denial. I’m a pessimist, so I don’t go through that stage.) One of my co-workers says I’m the most cheerful grumpy person they’ve ever met, so I guess I’m holding it together…

Enough about me.

After the sing-a-long, we celebrated Emy’s 29th birthday! She’s almost 30! My youngest sibling-in-law is almost 30, which means I’m almost too old. Woo hoo! Have you met her dog, Bozito? He’s missing more teeth than Edda which means that his tongue pokes out of his mouth all cutely.


Here are her birthday cupcakes. The oven at Kiki and Kappa’s died, so Emy had to take the uncooked cupcakes back to her own apartment, bake them, and then bring them back.


And you can witness the death of the 50 mm lens.



2 thoughts on “Kubler-Ross model.”

  1. I think what you are feeling is perfectly normal. Owning those feelings which is what you do so well is such a positive thing. Feel them and then move on.

  2. NOthing is ever fixed (except death
    and taxes), so of course you have
    to go thru these cycles-time and
    time again. And not just regarding
    Edda, my dear.

    What might be HELPFUL, is to kind
    of figure out what ‘triggers’ the one
    re Edda: is it the winter gloom or
    something else?

    You’re actually halfway thru the
    stages, by recognizing the need
    to stop and take stock. OR something.

    AND YOU DONT KNOW what craby is
    until you’ve seen me in action.

    SO be happy you’re not dead and
    get to those taxes (this is a message
    to myself, alas……).

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