Tackling Difficult

It is easier said than done. Recently, my high school class President passed away. He was very smart, intelligent and precise. I guess his passing away had not much to do with his illness (ear infection) but rather, in seeking his perfection, he tolerated less on his less-than-normal (not even perfect) conditions and refused to take good care of himself properly. His wife, a nice lady, probably couldn’t persuade him to change his self-destructive mind either.

In his memorial service, I overheard someone said that his doctors always were not that good. I think that any illness needs good relationship between patient and physician. He, probably, wasn’t patient enough to be a good patient. May be far from it.

Coming back to Edda, I think, she is improving a lot based on what I have observed. And this is a result of hard working of you and Jeremy on a 24/7/365 basis. But, even put a lot of work on her, being realistic and most likely, she will be far from self-sufficient. Of course, this itself will be very discouraging that is quite nature and understandable. If I were you or Jeremy, I would feel very despair too – but, it is okay and normal. Don’t keep that feeling all by yourself, all the time.

But, doing your very best under difficult or impossible conditions is a big accomplishment itself and one should pat on his/her own back just for that. Not only that, one should be very proud. Everyone around would agree and appreciate. The desire to make thing bit better in one’s mind then would become a huge reservoir of fuel that will carry a lot of heavy stuff (tangible or not so tangible) much further and farther.

Due to my childhood experience, I always see thing more positive than it should be since it can’t go lower. I hope you and Jeremy will see that too – she needs a lot of work constantly but she is lovely.

Let me say that you are an excellent Mom to conclude this posting.

Love Always, Dad.

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