I was thwarted today by clever Edda. Sunday afternoons are usually a down time for us. Nothing scheduled, nothing urgent (except for the laundry, house repairs and grocery shopping), so I though it would be a great time for Edda and me to go swimming. I’ve been encouraged by memories of Edda’s love of swimming while we were in tropical Singapore and other parents who’ve had fantastic luck swimming with their daughters, I thought I’d give it a go.

After lunch, I tried for an hour to convince Edda to take a nap – no luck. Then, I spent 30 minutes trying not to talk myself out of going swimming because it’s still winter outside. Finally, I get Edda dressed in a swim diaper, a swim suit and finally a wet suit and street clothes, then I put her on Jeremy’s lap while I go change into my own lovely swimsuit. Five minutes after I put her on Jeremy’s lap, this happens:


Yup. Slept for an hour and a half. Too late to go now! Oh well. So much for that good idea.

One thought on “Thwarted.”

  1. I am watching the SUper Bowl for
    the commercials and half time
    show (mostly) and trying to get somem writing done, but i always enjoy
    the blog. So Edda is even SMARTER
    than I thought–she KNEW exactly
    -as your blog title implies. I
    had to laugh.

    Good for you re the towel purchase.
    YOU can always give them as gifts.

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