Still suffering.

Jeremy is still a little on edge with the hives. He’s balancing different drugs and the different side effects, the steroids keep him hyper, agitated, awake and although the swelling of the hives do go down with the steriods, the itch factor shoots way up. Then, he’s also taking some prescription strength antihistamines which may make him sleepy or anxious depending on which ones they are. Anyways, he’s a little strange to talk to – a little more chatty and scatterbrained. I’m hoping to get back the regular Jeremy soon – I guess it’ll be about 4-5 more days of this.

Of course, today is Vince’s actual birthday and since we’ve spoken about it (too) many times in the past week already, I will gloss over today’s celebrations, and say that it’s my 7th anniversary of becoming a parent. So HOORAY for me for making it this far – 7 years and I have not yet shaved all the hair off my head, even though I have threatened to do so many, many times. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and still have no freakin’ idea where it’s going to lead. May we all make it through in one piece and in good health.



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