Back to regular programming.

I went back to work today! Something about being on the regular schedule just makes me feel good. My co-worker kicked me in the rear end and got me to go to a noontime yoga class where I managed to do a lot of downward dog poses.

Jeremy’s a little sick (sore throat – but not strep (remember when we were kids and they swabbed your throat and then put it on a plate of agar and you had to wait overnight for the buggers to grow? – I was so surprised to learn of the rapid strep test last year)), it’s been a sickly winter – no one got incredibly ill (no emergency trips anywhere) but it seemed like one of us was always a little snotty or achy or grumpy or just no fun to be with.

Edda and Vince had their last day of spring break today – they were both a little grumpy and off today. Jeremy saw on the way home today a gaggle of kids who had gone to the White House Easter Egg Roll. What fun!

We found the golden egg today!


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