Heading for San Luis Obispo, California

Yesterday, we picked a twin size mattress to fit our bunk bed from Fred Myer (a local chain story). It was the last major piece of furniture in the house besides a digital TV set. I also cut out a hole for an extra bedroom sink to be installed later in the hall way bath room. Mom was the design engineer who also marked the hole to be cut. I did the cutting with a drill and jack saw.

Also, Mom would like to reel in her garden hose in the backyard in a home-designed-&-made reel in stead of ready-designed-&-made one. She said a ready-made one in the hardware store is too expensive for her purpose. I see what I can do today.

Every major thing in our three bedrooms, loft, study, living room, family room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room and garage was put in place after three weeks of continuously shopping, installing and decorating. For that, I have put so many screws on. My hands and shoulders are aching a lot. Glad there is no more of that. And we did almost all the shopping across the river with smiles on Mom’s face because there was no sales tax there. Of course, I bought tools too!

In addition, there were a lot dinners with friends here together. Tomorrow noon time, it is our turn. We will take our friends to a Japanese style seafood buffet restaurant before leaving for Diablo Canyon Nuclear Station around San Luis Obispo. It should be fun!

On our way, we will stop over in San Francisco to see Donald. It should be fun too! We will start working there next Monday. We have already had so many forms to fill out to get our access to the Station 🙂

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