Happy Earth Day!

Vincent came home today and told us that in order to properly celebrate Earth Day, we needed to turn off the lights for 10 minutes and use candles for light to “save energy”. I told him that we celebrate Earth day everyday by biking to work and school (Edda is the only one of us that commutes via gasoline). He got a pine tree at school in honor of the occasion and before I got home, he had already planted it. He planted it right in the corner of the lawn that we run over every day when we back out of the driveway (oh, I forgot, I just said that we don’t drive which is true, so how can we be backing out over the lawn every day? Hmmm… a conundrum). I might have to go and save the poor tree tomorrow somehow.


Edda’s front tooth is coming in nicely. I forget how goofy an adult tooth looks in a little kid-sized mouth. We had a really nice evening tonight, the bath was fun, the brushing the teeth was a delightful experience, and then suddenly during storytime, out of nowhere comes a tsunami of fury and crying. We held her and rocked her and sang her favorite songs to no avail. Jeremy said she must be in pain somehow she was so upset, Edda often melts down when we go out, but it’s quite rare now (especially at bedtime) when we are at home (thank goodness). But then we pulled out the DVD player and watched Bob the Builder and all was right with the world. It’s a little trying that parental tenderness is trumped by a 2-dimension guy wearing overalls when it comes to feeling safe and comfortable.


On a third, completely unrelated topic – since Jeremy and I are the only people among our siblings who own a house with extra space, we are starting to get various family possessions that need a little bit of space to store them. Today, finally, after a bit of wrangling, we got a Gould family heirloom, an old German bureau? sideboard? delivered. It takes up one car’s worth of space in the garage. It weighs 700 pounds and we need to figure out where to put it and we’ll need to hire 4 strong guys to move it somewhere. I have often told Jeremy that I prided myself on only owning enough stuff so that I could put it all in my Volvo and move in one day, but apparently, I have entered a stage in my life where this is no longer possible. I’m so curious what this looks like…


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