Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant & The Place We Work

This is the Diablo Canyon Power Station. Rena and I come to work everyday by the winding road in the right upper hand corner. The plant is 7 miles away from its gate. Those two round structures house two nuclear reactors and its steam generators. The square brown building in front is the turbine building in which the turbines are turning by steam to generate electricity. The water discharge in front of the building is the discharge water to cool the exhaust steam from the turbines and re-use it as the feedwater to steam generators. The intake water structures are at its right beyond the intruded small hill peninsula.

Our office is in a temporary one-level structure which is to the right on the straight line of those two domes. The large white building in the back close the road is the warehouse. The white building adjacent to the turbine building is PG&E office, its simulator, etc.

Our parking lot is to the right of the warehouse. Therefore, we have 80 stairs to descend or climb every day to get off and on our car. Good exercise indeed!

Boy, it is pretty safe to work just right next to a nuclear station. I would rather in or around a nuclear plant than any fossil plant. In a nuclear plant, one knows exactly what are in there. No exception at all 🙂

We would like to work on a normal 10-4 schedule. But, they would like us to work on a 10-5 schedule instead. We agree because the plant is schedule-driven. But, it looks like a 10-6 week is looming this week.

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  1. Today, we took a walk around the plant along the sea shores. There were a lot of seals in the water of the intake water structure. Very cool to watch that!

    The temperature along the sea shore is pretty cool during the summer time. People told us a light jacket is always needed.

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