Painting the town red.

Jeremy and Vince are headed to tonight’s Washington Ballet’s performance of Peter Pan at the Kennedy Center. (Ruby thought she could go too – but unfortunately we didn’t have a third ticket and the Kennedy Center is a strictly canine free zone).


I couldn’t get a proper photo of the matching cuties because there was some last minute consternation with Vince about having to wear leather shoes instead of green dinosaur rain boots which was aggravated (unbeknownst by me or Jeremy) by an intense need to pee. Anyways, we convinced him that he needed to wear the leather shoes because it was a fancy place, so fancy that Obama had been there with Shasha and Malia a few weeks ago. Vince asked if Obama was going to be there tonight. I said that the Obamas were in Europe tonight and probably wouldn’t be there.


One thought on “Painting the town red.”

  1. I have been to a ZILLION Ballet
    performances, some at the Kennedy
    center. I Think the Dinosaur
    rain boots would have been
    perfect–no one would have
    noticed-and if they had, they
    would have been thrlled-perhaps
    even more fun than what went on

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