Spring (break) is here.

Yvonne, our sitter, is in lovely San Francisco this coming week. The kids are off of school and we’ve taken the week off of work to go on vacation! Many months ago, I suggested that maybe this was the year that we head down to Disneyworld, but somehow we didn’t get our act together in time, so now we are going to do a variation of a stay-cation. Let’s see, we have spring cleaning planned, a trip to the ballet, some kite flying, perhaps a road trip to see some national/state parks, some medical appointments and what else? Who knows, we will let moment carry us.

So I started some spring cleaning today and I found this in my very much loved banana guard:



One thought on “Spring (break) is here.”

  1. This sounds really fun (except for finding the banana). Love the pix of Ruby! I expect lots of pictures from your staycation this week.

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