San Luis Obispo, CA

Finally, Rena and I are at Qualify Inn Suites of San Luis Obispo, CA. It is about 3 hours drive from San Jose.

Yesterday, we had dinner with Donald as well as his friends (8 of them). We dined at Maggiano’s. It was fun and we enjoyed it very much. Donald’s friends all said he looks like Mom.

Tomorrow, with help of an old colleague working at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Station here, we are going to look for a more permanent place to stay. For our monthly trip home, we probably will either fly out from here or San Jose International to Portland, OR.

3 thoughts on “San Luis Obispo, CA”

  1. Rena & I went out with our friend here to have dinner together. It was Italian again. The food was good but pretty expensive.

    After dinner, we walked around this small town. There is a mission which was built in 1772. It is a very pretty Spanish style building.

    The town is small but clean and pretty, quiet too. It is a college and tourist town.

  2. Rena and I have known our friend here at least for 30 years. We worked in the same engineering department, on the same subject. They probably are one of the best pairs in their field.

    But, both him and Mom got laid off at the same time. And I got laid off from the same company much later. I guess it was all due to financial difficulty of our former employer.

    Right now, it is very difficult to find any qualified engineer in the nuclear industry any more – what goes around, comes around.

    For me, this time around, I am more earthy and realistic – doing my best to provide my service while maximizing my returns.

    All those fancy talking about saving this and/or that, for me, that is all belong to the politicians and those who would like to give away things that do not belong to them.

  3. Today, our friend drove us around here. We went to several beaches – avila, shell, pisom, grover and oceani (?). It is pretty out here. We went to see a house on the hill. It is about 1.9 millions. I guess all the houses around here are at this price.

    We probably will find a place around shell beach. See what the realtor will say tomorrow.

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