Irish dancing.

I went to a bar in DC today.


One of Jeremy’s former coworkers is a flutist in an Irish band and they were performing as a fundraiser for their upcoming trip to Ireland for a competition.


Vince came with us and we bought him a beer. (OK, it’s really milk in a Miller light cup.)


We did some Irish dancing, which is a lot like square dancing with different music.


We don’t often leave Edda behind when we go adventuring, but this time we left her at home with Yvonne. Of course I felt guilty, I have always had this image in my head that we’d do everything together all the time. But it was clear that Edda wouldn’t have liked to have been there and actually Vince spent most of the time like:


and in retrospect, we should have left him at home too.

2 thoughts on “Irish dancing.”

  1. To leave Edda at home is not that bas as you think. She might enjoy more without you for a while.

    Looking forward and enjoying yourself 🙂

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