We won! Woo hoo!

I find it very amusing that my parents and my husband both work in the energy field. My parents work in the nuclear industry, my husband works for an organization first founded in opposition to nuclear weapons. Anyways, they both work in low carbon fuels. Hiss and boo to coal and fossil fuel! (However, we are still getting the minivan.)

Yesterday, the California Air Resources Board approved the new super duper low carbon fuel standard. Jeremy’s been working and talking about this for months now and I still had to ask him to clarify the main point at dinner tonight. Boo and hiss for me being a super duper attentive wife. Could have been paying more attention for months now, but I love asking Jeremy to talk about low carbon fuels standards so I can fall asleep to the sound of his earnest voice.

On the opposite coast here in DC, Jeremy’s boss was talking to Congress about the comprehensive climate bill.

If anyone is interested, here’s a link to hearing, go to time stamp 27:00 or so to see Jeremy’s boss in action (feel free to watch the whole 3 hours, riveting, I’m sure.)

One thought on “We won! Woo hoo!”

  1. “Low carbon fuels” means wind, solar, nuclear, etc. But, one nuclear is equivalent to zillions upon zillions of wind turbines and solar panels. Does one think that rows and rows of turbines and arrays upon arrays of solar panels soar one’s eyes and distorts the beauty of nature? Of course, they do.

    If you asks those l… (for example, that, D, MA) to put up wind turbines on his back water (mind you, most Americans do not have back water), he will say “NO”, but not directly of course. He will put up all these fancy reasons to hide his real “NO”. What a gigantic “h…”

    For nuclear or “for nuclear”, if one would ask me to stay close to a nuclear power plant, I not like him will say “YES” and I am doing just that.

    Of course, in any engineering sense, nothing is 100% safe. The one that I have stayed within a couple of thousands feet everyday certainly is not 100% safe either. But, life in a sens is taking chances. But, at least, I am doing what I am saying. Not like that guy in MA or his equivalents.

    Nuclear plant can be pretty as hell, Diablo Canyon is one of them. It situates on a piece of very unspoilled property along the California Pacific coast. I wish all the beaches in the world would like that. No private gated sites, no multi-million-dollar houses, no stupid places to get a cup of expensive latte, etc. At least, not on our beaches and not on our parks.

    Furthermore, I think the “global warming” is coming with or without human activities. Everything has its minuses. But, it does bring some pluses along the way. If we don’t like this rapid environment changes, then we should slow it down by using less, much less.

    Green also means “green from one’s pocket”. A lot of ordinary people simply can’t afford it. A lot more families will suffer from it. For a few left, to use efficient inventions (eg. hybrid or electric car) more isn’t going to help much either.

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